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Business Tax Prep

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Estate & Trust (Form 1041) (2 K-1s) (1)$550
Partnership (Form 1065 & Schedules) (2 K-1s) (1)$600
Subchapter S Corporation (Form 1120S & Schedules) (1)$600
C Corporations & Consolidated Corporations (Form 1120 & Schedules) (1)$600
Additional State Tax Return (Per Return Charge) (2)($100/ $200/ $300)
Schedule K-1 (Per Form Charge) More Than 2 K-1s$75 per K-1
Organization Income Tax Exemptions (Form 990)$700
Private Foundation (Form 990-PF)$800
Municipal Annual Report (Form DCED-CLGS-30)$1,500
LM-2 Reports$1,500
Bookkeeping Basic Customer - Price for Business Return$500
Bookkeeping Enhanced Customer - Price for Business Return$400
Bookkeeping Advanced Customer - Price for Business Return$0

(1) Includes federal and home state tax returns base price. Additional returns and forms add to price.

(2) Additional state returns are based on complexity determined by certain variables.

These prices do not include tax planning fees which are priced separately.

Extra forms needed or complexities that occur which cause additional price will be communicated.